Keeshond The Smiling Creature

The Keeshond is an all dog breed that within the past traveled across the Dutch canals and rivers on barges. it’s a people-oriented, loving, active, and alert dog breed. The keeshond also referred as Dutch Barge Dog & Smiling Dutchman. Hi, welcome to dogs’ comfort blog. During this article, we are going to tell you all the important facts and knowledge about a Keeshond. So, let’s start.

Keeshond Historical journey

Do you know the Keeshonds got its name? Well, they’re named after a Dutch Patriot Mr. Kees de Gyselaar is one among those that loved this breed and he was also the leader of the rebellion against the House of Orange. The word hond is often translated as a dog therefore the breed name Keeshond is often translated as Dog of Mr. Kees or Keese’s dog. We can’t be sure about the origin of the Keeshond because it’s a very old dog breed. However, it is believed that they’re descendants of equivalent arctic dogs as Norwegian elkhound and Samoyed. Therefore, you’ll definitely see tons of similarities between these breeds.

 As we already mentioned Keeshond is known as after a pacesetter of the Dutch rebel party therefore, they were quite a logo of this rebellion. This was a time before the French Revolution. When the rebel party was overthrown, Keeshonds became for instance unwanted dogs, and that they lost all their popularity and that they almost disappeared. a number of the breeds remained on Dutch farms where they served as alarm dogs and vermin hunters

At the start of the 20th century, the breed was discovered by Miss Wingfield Digby who brought two puppies to England where they became the inspiration stock for the breed outside the Netherlands, and in fact, we must mention that Keeshond was used as a so-called barge dog. Sometimes they’re nicknamed Dutch barge dogs and sometimes just kees. They Were used for an extended time as a watchdog on barges and riverboats in Netherlands’ Canals and rivers. 


Rating: 4 out of 5.

The primary thing you’ll notice about Keeshonds is certainly their dense fluffy coat. It consists of a wool undercoat and an extended outer coat. Mostly they have a black-tipped outer coat and may vary from light to dark. Keeshonds are famous for the lion-like mane around their neck as like Tibetan mastiff and for his or her massive plump tail. you’ll find this breed in gray, black, and cream color. Keeshonds are famous for the markings around their eyes, which resemble eyeglasses. Often Keeshonds appear as if they need a smile on their face and that they will certainly cause you to smile with their contagious happy nature. Overall they need the standard Spitz-like appearance with erect triangular ears, that are set high on the wedge-shaped head. it’s also mentioned as german spitz which are close relatives of Keeshonds.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

This is often a medium-sized dog with a compact body and average height. Typically it looks like a fox.

keeshond white grey

Their height can be 17 to 19 inches for males & 16 to 18 for females (according to AKC standards). Keeshond may weigh between 14 to 20 kilograms (30 to 44 pounds).

creamy keeshond

as we mentioned Keeshonds have a dense thick coat and color mixture may vary from grey, black, or cream. Keeshond features a great lifetime between 13 to 15 years.

keeshond puppy

Temperament & Adaptability

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Are Keeshonds inactive creatures? well not, Keeshonds are amazing playful companions. they’re lively, wanting to please, and always ready for any quiet adventure. Sometimes they will be a touch bit mischievous but on the opposite hand, this is often a really intelligent dog breed and that they do great training actually a number of the Keeshonds were successfully trained as guide dogs for blind people, but they’re a touch bit small for this job which is why they’re not used for it more. 


They are oftentimes super excited and that they start spinning in a circle or jumping very high. Keeshonds love all the people including kids and that they typically haven’t any problems with other dogs within the family also. Keeshonds are known for his or her loud barking. Don’t be concerned they’re not nuisance barkers, but thanks to their alert personality, they’re going to presumably bark when someone is approaching your home or once they hear something suspicious. This makes them amazing watchdogs.


Can this breed adapt to any environment? So, basically Because of their dense double coat, Keeshonds Actually love spending time outdoors when it’s cold outside. They’re social animals, and that they want to spend the maximum amount of time with their family as possible which is why they’re going to like better to live indoors actually this breed was bred to measure on small barges where they sail on Netherlands rivers and canals. That’s the reason why they will happily sleep in even small apartments

Care & Training

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Just check out the coat that has got to be a high maintenance dog breed right? Well not exactly, of course, they are doing need regular brushing to stop matting and to get rid of the dead hair. This helps to minimize the shedding also. Keeshond may be a very clean dog they are doing not got to bathe often only it’s really necessary. A bit like with all breeds you ought to regularly check their ears’, eyes, and nails and clip them or clean them if needed.

The Keeshond may be a lively and active dog. Of course, you must continue to exercise them on a day to day, but they’re not hyperactive. Daily longer walks are enough to satisfy the breed exercise needs. These are not hypoallergenic dog breeds. on the other hand, having an excellent lifetime of 15 years keeshond may suffer from some health issues most ordinarily from hip dysplasia, Addison’s disease, progressive retinal atrophy, patellar luxation, and cataracts a bit like all the dogs.

keeshond puppies for sale

In conclusion, this is a brief about the keeshond dog breed. This breed is registered as a pure breed with AKC and having the world ranking of 92 by AKC. This breed has faded by the time but now it’s becoming famous among the millennials. Maybe you have decided after reading this article that you simply want to shop for a keeshond puppy or not. we expect it would be yes and that we find it pleasant to assist you. So, if you’re getting to own a keeshond then tell us within the comments what you like the most about this bread. If you’re already owning a keeshond then tell us about your experience with this dog breed. Do follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook for more updates. As always catch ya next time, stay tuned.

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